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Automation and Control

One of the major challenges on board a ship is making the various systems that are individually designed work together. This is the role of the ship’s on board control and automation system. It integrates the main systems and allows the crew to manage vital ship operations.

Our automation and control systems are the result of 20 years of experience. Our range of systems offer a variety of functions that are adaptable to numerous vessels and uses.

Over the years, our alarm and monitoring systems have proved crucial in managing vital functions aboard ships. We offer modular and flexible designs inspired by the latest technologies for modern and customizable visualization. Our user-friendly interface will allow crew members to monitor your vessel safely and effectively ensuring uninterrupted operations regardless of the navigation conditions. At Techsol Marine, we have the ability to design, integrate and commission custom solutions from start to finish depending on your project requirements. No matter the complexity of the systems on board your vessel, you will find in our alarm & monitoring family, the right solution to fulfill your requirements.

Eager to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers, Techsol Marine is proud to offer a new and improved alarm and monitoring system. Our new software, implemented in collaboration with our partner Free Technics, will allow you to control your vessel with the latest technologies.



1500X PLUS Alarm Panel

The 1500X PLUS panel has made its mark on board hundreds of vessels. A single alarm panel covers up to 14 different indicator stations and sends alerts to the ship operator. Our alarm panel was specifically designed with the end-user in mind and allows our customers to consolidate information at convenient centralized and compact locations on board their vessel. Its small size and low power consumption make it a very convenient and much appreciated solution in our alarm and monitoring system family.

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MAX Mini

Our MAX Mini was designed with small and mid-sized vessels’ requirements in mind. Not only does it offer an interactive HMI 12” touchscreen display, the MAX Mini also features a built-in and intuitive software interface allowing users to configure the systems themselves. No matter the complexity, we treat every project with the greatest attention to detail. With Techsol Marine, your investment is in good hands.

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Designed for medium-complexity vessels, the MAX Jr. is a mid-sized modular system that features an interactive HMI 15” touchscreen display. Thanks to its customizable configuration, our team can adapt the system to reflect the specific needs of every client. Our Max Jr. system is very versatile and has expansion possibilities to Max I or Max II.

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Because each vessel is unique and presents its own challenges, our team has developed a larger and more flexible system allowing for more expansion and control possibilities. In line with the complexity of your machinery and equipment, Techsol Marine’s Max I and Max II systems are custom-built and configured to reflect your project’s specific requirements. With touchscreen displays ranging from 15” to 19”, they are the optimal solution for complex projects and will ensure operational continuity no matter where you navigate.

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At Techsol Marine, we understand that the stability and security of electrical networks on board your ship has a big impact on your financial and operational efficiency. By utilizing top technologies, our experienced team has the ability to deliver completely integrated designs and install your power plant. From power generation to electrical propulsion, we can easily integrate the power station with any of your systems on board and ensure optimal control on power systems. With the growing environmental consciousness and the stringent legislation of the maritime industry, efficient energy control has become ever more important. The PMS can be interfaced with Techsol Marine’s AMS, raising supervision and monitoring to a higher centralized level.



The 700 Series navigation light panel is a reliable stand-alone and low-cost system that can be tailored to your vessel’s specific requirements. This piece of equipment is indispensable as it monitors lights’ feeding circuits. This device can detect failures such as burnt-out lights, blown fuses and even the source of loss power. By triggering a visual and audible alarm when such situations occur, our navigation light panel will allow you to take action rapidly to ensure compliance and safe navigation for your vessel.


With many years of experience in designing and manufacturing automated solutions for the maritime industry, Techsol Marine is a trusted provider of stand-alone control systems that are fully customized for the challenges you face.

Our specialists can help you with systems such as:

  • Main engine / generator local panels
  • Integrated CCTV solutions
  • Bulk mud tank level indicators
  • Bilge panel
  • Ballast controls
  • Heel and keel control
  • Watertight door control panel
  • Fire door panel
  • Diesel engine control shutdown system
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Fuel consumption system
  • Emission monitoring and control
  • Scrubber towers monitoring

In all cases, a customized automated system can be easily interfaced with Techsol Marine or a third party’s alarm and monitoring system (AMS), raising supervision and control to a higher level. On sophisticated systems, if the communication link is ever lost between the panel and AMS, the panel system is designed to fully operate as an independent system. No matter the complexity of your challenges, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you with the best suited monitoring and automation solutions for your vessel.


Techsol Marine’s fire detection system is a unique and adapted solution for smaller-sized vessels. This particular system has been designed and developed based on modern and well-proven technical platforms, making it suitable for installation in narrow spaces. Thanks to self-instructing menus and alarms, shown as text and figures, this user-friendly system allows our customers to reduce operating costs while simplifying installation, use and maintenance. All safety systems have the same HMI, simplifying necessary actions in an emergency situation. The system provides shutdown command for safety appliances such as fire doors, dampers and extinguishing equipment, greatly increasing overall safety on board your vessel.