Our customers’ work operate in various areas of the maritime industry. Mostly, Techsol Marine equips vessels that require superior electrical performance and high grade on-board systems. These ships are confronted with different realities and are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. Whether the ship operates on high seas or icy waters, our 20 years of experience and expertise insures reliable operation 24/7.




Techsol Marine is active in many sectors of the marine industry however we are clearly recognized as a leader in design and integration of technological solutions for ferries. This type of ship requires a specific approach due to the nature of its services and the accrued environmental consciousness associated with this type of vessel.

Thanks to our expertise in hybrid solutions and our concern for delivering a reliable and ecological product, Techsol Marine is proud to have contributed to the very first electric-diesel propulsion ferry in North America.



Despite their relatively small size, tugboats are considered amongst the strongest ships in the maritime sector. In addition to being equipped with an outstanding motor capacity, this type of ship is designed and specifically manufactured to handle robust work in often extreme weather conditions.

Whether it is to ensure the smooth functioning of port activities or to fight fires, Techsol Marine offers a panoply of technological solutions specifically conceived for the maneuverability and versatility of tug boats.


Special Vessels

Having first engineered solutions specifically for the Canadian Coast Guard, we quickly developed an expertise for patrol and research vessels. We possess solutions that suit the diversity of missions that these vessels undertake: de-icing, search and rescue, maritime security, fishing surveillance, scientific research and much more.

We understand the complexity surrounding the different types of missions and we are proud to actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge in our society.




Fishing boats

For many years, Techsol Marine has created strong ties with the fishing industry. We understand the specific needs of this industry and the importance of providing fast and efficient service. We aim to offer tailored solutions that are not only cost effective but also allow efficient and responsible fishing.

We are proud to be able to support fishermen with innovative products as well as unequivocal technical expertise and support.