Products & Electrical Components

At Techsol Marine, our mission is to provide safe and reliable solutions for the marine community and this all starts by our procurement strategy that mobilizes our local suppliers’ expertise. By creating partnerships with these suppliers, we can proudly offer a full range of marine-approved products and electrical components to our clients. All of our equipment has been specifically selected to stand up to the toughest on-the-job conditions of today’s commercial maritime market.

We bring an added value to customers thanks to our preferred rates and our proven knowledge of the complex legislations surrounding the maritime industry. Our expert team can assist you with any technical enquiries and help you select the best available products to fulfill your requirements.

Our one stop shop philosophy aims to eliminate the hassle of managing the logistical aspects of your project and make it easier for you to reach your milestones. We know you have a lot of other priorities, so let us do the work for you!


The particularity with marine cables is that they require a lot of flexibility as they are often installed in narrow spaces. In order to meet the diversified demands of the shipbuilding industry for high efficient and low weight cables, Techsol Marine is proud to offer a wide range of cables suitable for a variety of marine applications. Our cable offer expands to halogen free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing, and also complies with different international regulations.

Cable trays 

When compared to other conduit wiring systems, cable tray wiring systems offer significant advantages and are without a doubt  the preferred method to safely and effectively equip your vessel. In addition to major cost savings mainly due to the low maintenance fees surrounding this sort of cabling system, clients can enjoy more reliable and adaptable products which are crucial for this ever changing industry. Prices and cost savings associated with this piece of equipment will vary based on the complexity of the project and the size of the installation surface. Techsol Marine’s cable tray supply features a variety of styles, materials and finishes adapted for the specific needs of the maritime industry.

Cable glands

Cable glands can be used on a wide variety of cables such as electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications. They serve as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the enclosure, which the cable enters, can be maintained properly. Techsol Marine provides gland connectors conceived especially for cables that are built for extreme weather conditions and industrial environments

Whether it is to light up the wheelhouse, highlight steps or for custom and off the shelf search lights, navigation lights, flood lights and more; our lighting supply has been specially selected for their long lasting capabilities. Our vast selection of lighting equipment covers all sections of the vessel allowing clients to save power, reduce maintenance and service costs. Leading our customers to operational excellence through efficient products and energy management solutions is not only our main goal but also our reason for being.

Amongst our broad product line, you can find affordable and made to last custom dry-type transformers. Specifically designed with the end-user’s needs in mind, we offer a variety of configurations for either indoor or outdoor use. From High Power (Medium voltage) transformers to Standard and Custom (low voltage) transformers, we provide easy to install equipment with a great overload withstanding capability. In addition to their advanced performance, the transformers we provide are designed for continuous operations and will certainly contribute to greener electrical infrastructure.

Making your marine projects easy is at the heart of our operations. For your convenience and as part of our one stop shop philosophy, we offer a wide selection of electrical components including but not limited to brass boxes, outlets and switches. Our close relationship with suppliers ensures that our clients get the best available products at the best rates.