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Techsol’s edge is its over one hundred passionate employees who take the success of your projects to heart because, for us, your success is a measure of our success.

We offer a multitude of services so we can effectively design the best option tailored to your needs and finish your projects on time. From a simple consultation to project management or even for the training of your team, Techsol Marine offers diverse services that allow you to turn your plans into a reality.

Through its passion for innovation, Techsol Marine’s team intends to grow with its clients in developing solutions that are continually more reliable and with better performance.

Wherever your business takes you, Techsol Marine’s service and support are always near. We are at your service!

Because we thrive to provide customer-oriented services and technical know-how that reflects the latest local and global trends in the maritime industry, Techsol Marine offers advice and consultancy services in the fields of Electrical engineering, detailed engineering and electrical design. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to technical problems and provide you with strategic advice to optimize your operational efficiency. We work closely with naval architects, ship builders and ship owners around the world to supply safe and reliable solutions no matter the complexity of your project. Our advice and consultancy services include but are not limited to:

Electrical engineering:

  • Electromagnetic interference calculations
  • Load balance and operational profiling
  • Coordination
  • Arc-flash studies
  • Efficiency calculations
  • Power balancing for generation and consumption units
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Review of rules and regulations

Mechanical engineering and design:

  • Detailed electrical engineering and design
  • Shipyard documentation support
  • Preparation for production drawings
  • 3D rendering: modelling, equipment integration, cabinet integration to customer’s drawings
  • Full-size mock-up for design verification, prior to real production

In order to ensure the success of your project, our team of project managers will support you every step of the way to produce and deliver a unique and innovative solution that fulfills your requirements. From design to integration and support of your systems, our whole-ship approach ensures that all phases of your project are covered and meet the stringent standards of your challenging environment. Through active listening, our team will help define and prioritize the objectives of your project, paying close attention to detail in order to coordinate all the components effectively and meet your project’s milestones. At Techsol Marine, we bring an added value by establishing the relationship between a product and its final environment. Let us support you throughout the process!

In addition to project management, we have the capability to support your project with qualified on-site workforces wherever your business takes you. Our dedicated team will support all steps of the installation process, ensuring that standards and regulations are met. Over the years, we have built strong ties with well-known partners and specialists in various fields to provide our customers with reliable services no matter the complexity of the project.

As a whole-ship electrical solution provider, our mission is to ensure that the various electro-mechanical systems are integrated and operate as a total system. For a project near completion, our specialized team will assist you with classification society approval to ensure full compliance with industry standards. Our customers can also rely on the extensive expertise of our dedicated technicians to adapt and fine-tune the systems to ensure the success of your operations.

Enabling your crew members to understand the vessel’s functionalities is crucial to your day-to-day operations. As a complementary package to a specific project, Techsol Marine is proud to offer training and orientation sessions with crew members. Helping you meet your financial and operational goals is a priority for us, and this starts by ensuring that your crew can operate your vessel in an optimal and efficient way. With the help of our specialized team, your crew can benefit from extensive training on any supplied equipment. From theoretical classes to hands-on training, we will cover all aspects to ensure safety at sea and uninterrupted business activity.

At Techsol Marine, we have the ability to provide you with an experienced workforce to help with on-site equipment installation. We operate to the highest industry standards and in full compliance with classification society requirements. Our clients appreciate our versatility as we easily adapt our methods to different shipyard regulations. Our installation team is specifically trained for the marine industry, thus ensuring high-quality service and specialized technical know-how specific to the industry. Our approach is simple but effective. Based on the project’s scope, our installation team is led by a foreman who will act as a single point of contact for the client.

At Techsol Marine, we provide 24/7 technical support and service to all operators, no matter the brand of the supplied equipment. Over the years we have built a network of carefully chosen partners to service our customers worldwide. A team of experts dedicated to technical support will assist you over the phone to troubleshoot the issue and help your crew find effective solutions.