Solutions Agility and experience

Whether you’re building a new ship or upgrading an existing one, Techsol Marine is your most experienced industry partner.

Smart support for your systems


Whether you need a complex system (like a propulsion system) or something simpler like a current distribution system, we can handle the design and full integration of all of your ship’s electric and electronic systems.

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marine electrical engineering

Revitalize your fleet

Lifespan extension

Techsol Marine has been an active part of several lifespan extension projects for large ships, making it a master in the art of updating your systems to keep things running.

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lifespan extension ship

Your partner for a greener future


Our team will help you find systems specifically designed to save space, reduce operating costs, and minimize emissions.

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Monitor your investments


Our systems collect vital data from your ships and store it securely in the cloud.

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Compact, available, and portable energy


Whether it’s to power a remote community, ensure enough energy is available for shore charging, or take the first steps in electrifying your fleet, Techsol Marine can deliver full microgrid solutions.

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