Who are we?

About us

Techsol Marine transforms the world’s currents

Since 1996, Techsol Marine, a Canadian company with international reach, has outfitted more than 500 ships from 35 countries.

Our experts work hard to offer you customized solutions to meet the highest energy and environmental standards. Our multidisciplinary team of 100 employees pays close attention to your needs so it can provide personalized service that lets you secure your ecosystems while making operations management easier.


Driven by innovation

Like many success stories, Techsol Marine’s founder, Claude Messiaen, had humble beginnings in the basement of his Quebec City home. An engineering officer with the Canadian Coast Guard for nearly 20 years, Mr. Messiaen left that job with a clear vision of advancing the marine industry by centralizing and automating ship monitoring systems.

In the early 2000s, Techsol Marine experienced sustained growth by offering the complete integration of power distribution systems, propulsion systems, consoles, navigation equipment, and more.

A few years later, Mr. Messiaen handed over the company to Dutch interests. Techsol Marine continued its journey, even though there were sometimes pitfalls along the way. For a few years, employees had to be resilient and pull together to keep the ship afloat.

In 2019, Ocean Group and François Lessard acquired Techsol Marine, making the company 100% Canadian again.

Even today, each system is proudly designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested at Techsol Marine’s head office in Quebec City.

Our commitment

As a leader in the integration of electrical and electronic systems for the marine sector, Techsol Marine develops engineering solutions that are safe, reliable, and innovative. It provides its clients with efficiency and agility, thanks to the essential contributions of its most important resource: its employees.

Our vision

Techsol Marine intends to continue its development in the North American and international markets with the objective of becoming a world reference in marine electrotechnology services. It prides itself on its renowned expertise and customer satisfaction, both of which are key to its success.

Our values

Creativity and innovation

Imagination lets us push our boundaries. We are ingenious.

Synergy and team spirit

Individual commitment helps build team success. We share ideas to share our successes.

Integrity and respect

Differences are an asset, and we all need to take advantage of them. We value loyalty and celebrate honesty.


High-quality products and services are a must. We are professionals.

Safety and environment

Health, safety, and the environment are top priorities. We are helping build the world of tomorrow.


We connect ships to the future with smart electrical systems and digitalization.

Our team

François Lessard

François Lessard


With his extensive experience in project and personnel management, François has an extraordinary vision for the future. Knowing how to lead his people to excellence, he looks to the future of Techsol Marine with contagious, unconcealed enthusiasm.

Marc Bergeron

Marc Bergeron

Director of operations

A great leader who has developed a keen expertise in management, Marc analyzes the organization’s performance with passion and intelligence. He shares his knowledge with his colleagues while ensuring that our products are flawless and our projects run smoothly.

Peggy Flowers

Peggy Flowers

Director of Human Resources

Thorough and detail-oriented, Peggy knows how to ask the right questions to understand the company's needs in order to achieve our business objectives.

Patrick Lebeau

Patrick Lebeau

Director of Business Development

Patrick is an excellent communicator who specializes in solutions. He is ready to discuss them with you at any time, whether it’s before, during, or after your project. He will guide you with valuable strategic advice that is guaranteed to make your project a success.

Christian Nadeau

Christian Nadeau

Director of Innovation, Research, and Development

An ultra-versatile team player, Christian is known for his expertise and his ability to innovate both in practice and in long-term vision. He helps our teams grow through his availability and willingness to share his ideas.

Johé Pelletier

Johé Pelletier

Director of Administration

An ingenious leader with a knack for numbers, Johé is frequently called upon for a wide array of strategic issues. His adaptability and agility allow him to make educated decisions and make him a trusted advisor.

Sébastien Royal

Sébastien Royal

Director of Estimation

Sébastien has extensive technical expertise in the design and installation of electrical ecosystems. His multidisciplinary skills allow him to see every phase of a project so that our bids are made on time and on budget.