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We listen to your needs. With Techsol Marine, you don’t need to adjust your ship to fit the equipment you purchase. Instead, we will develop equipment that’s tailored to your ship.

Automation and control systems

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing electrical ecosystems for the marine industry means we can offer stand-alone systems that are fully customized to your needs.

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automation control marine systems


Our consoles are lightweight, perfectly integrated, and aesthetically pleasing. 3D modelling helps prevent costly post-production changes or misunderstandings. We are also experienced in refurbishing existing consoles (complete replacement or update/modification).

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marine console

Electrical and power distribution systems

Our extensive design and manufacturing experience, combined with our passion for electrical systems of all sizes, allows us to offer reliable, safe, and efficient power distribution networks that meet the most stringent requirements.

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Energy and power management systems

Our systems are specifically designed to group all of your ship’s starters together and allow you to control all of your power and propulsion systems from one place. Whether you’re working with a Techsol or a third-party system, we can arrange heavy consumers and energy sources in a way that optimizes efficiency, reduces GHG emissions, and minimizes operating costs.

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