Number of ships


Ship names

Harper Megan and Taylor Rae


Ellicott Dredges


Suncor Energy uses barges as floating dredges to address one of the most difficult challenges facing companies producing crude oil from oil sands: cleaning up tailings ponds, a mixture of clay, sand, water, and residual bitumen produced during extraction.


Ellicott Dredges chose Techsol Marine for its agility and expertise. Techsol designed customized solutions to meet the end user’s specific needs. Techsol Marine put its teams of engineers and field service technicians, as well as its production facility, to use to support Ellicott Dredges throughout the project.

Products and services provided

  • Instrumentation
  • Distribution panels
  • Engine starters

Client's testimony

Ellicott Dredges is pleased with Techsol Marine’s contribution to the success of this project.