Celebrating 25 years of innovation

Beside Techsol

As Techsol Marine celebrates its 25th anniversary, we are more focused than ever on innovation.

Our ambition : To design safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and connected systems to propel the marine industry towards a sustainable future.

Our high-performance solutions not only reduce the environmental footprint of your vessels now, they will also provide you with the opportunity to reach zero emission over the next few years.

A culture of innovation

To create for the future, to be guided by a vision, by a desire to transform an idea into new solutions that will stand the test of time, Techsol Marine was born from such an idea: to make the marine industry evolve by centralizing and automating all the surveillance systems on board ships. From this adventure, propelled 25 years ago by the commercial launch of our first MAX automation and control system, we are still driven by the objective of creating even more efficient solutions to help the ship owners optimize their fleets.

MAX System, the Techsol Marine Story

Our presence in the marine industry is not new! It was established in 1996, when all our efforts were focused on the marketing of a revolutionary automated control system manufactured in Quebec.

In the 2000s, Techsol Marine experiences sustained growth, with dozens of ship owners around the world now calling on our services. In addition, a series of acquisitions allows us to add a wide range of complementary products to our service offering, including power distribution, propulsion, navigation consoles and communications equipment.

Until the sale of the company to a foreign company in 2011, Techsol Marine win the honours on the national and international scene. Between 2011 and 2019, our teams pull together to keep the vessel afloat and maintain the product portfolio.

In 2019, Techsol Marine is once again a Canadian entrepreneurial flagship. The new management instills a promising development vision by putting the focus back on innovation and new products.

It is in the context of this vision that the new Techsol Marine brand image is created and that a strategic reflection on the future of the organization is initiated.

Driving the future of the marine industry

We are convinced that the solutions we propose to decarbonize and digitize shipping will propel the industry towards a more sustainable future. We strive to make a valuable difference for our customers by optimizing their fleet management, but more significantly by contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of ships worldwide.

Concerned about the impact we have on the world around us, we are more than ever driven by the goal of creating cutting-edge solutions for the marine industry. To this end, we have recently formed a team dedicated to innovation and new technologies.