Technical services

Active at each stage

Whether you need to install an electrical system in a new build or perform simple routine maintenance, our team of professionals is always there to make sure that all your systems work together and that the work meets industry standards.

Our technical experts are also able to offer various types of training and orientation sessions to help your crew fully understand and make the most of your ship’s electronics. From theoretical courses to practical exercises, we will cover all aspects to ensure the safety and continuity of operations.

  • Complete integration of electrical systems such as:
    • Alarm and monitoring systems
    • Power distribution networks
    • Electric/hybrid drives
    • Fire alarm and suppression systems
    • Tank level indicators
    • Variable controls (ballast, watertight doors, etc.)
    • Fuel gauges
    • Emissions monitoring and control systems
    • All other electrical systems with monitoring capabilities
  • On-board troubleshooting for power and control systems
  • Commissioning/auditing ahead of inspections by classification societies
  • System upgrades and replacement of discontinued parts
  • 24/7 telephone and online support